Experimental Farm to Table Restaurant

185 Channel Street San Francisco, CA

Mission Bay


The Client Tony Riviera purchased a space in the heart of Mission Bay, San Francisco. And He wants to have a high-end farm to table food restaurant. 
The restaurant has 7,600 square foot and is a single story building that is attached to The Channel complex with an exposed roof. Tony wants to use it for an accessible garden/greenhouse that the restaurant can use to source their produce from year around. The focus of the demonstration kitchen is to educate the urban demographic from children to adults in the prevention of obesity and to improve the health and welfare of the community. 



The inspiration comes from laying out a planting bed (garden). people will experience in nature while they are spending time in the restaurant. By using these inspiring collection of geometric shapes, the designs become a simple yet striking work. Materials used will be natural and organic.




Dining area

Dining area